Another $10,000 

Thank you so much for your support during Los Angeles Audubon's Holiday Challenge. It's so amazing to see everyone rally for our cause and it means so much to us. This week via our Crowdrise campaign a Bonus Challenge just got started and we could really use your help to win...

If we get at least 10 donations, between December 9th at 2pm ET and December 16th at 12pm ET, via Crowdrise, Los Angeles Audubon will be entered to win $10,000 for our cause. That means that if just 10 of our supporters make a donation, we'll have a chance at $10k.

And, as a little extra bonus, everyone who donates at least $10 will get entered to win one of five Jawbone Mini Jamboxes. So, so great.

To help, please Click Here and give what you can to support nature and Los Angeles Audubon. 

And, if you have any questions about this Crowdrise bonus, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll be ready to dig in. 

Thanks so much.

Los Angeles Audubon

Please Click Here for the Jawbone Mini Jambox rules. (PDF)