Princeton Phainopepla


Princeton University researchers are banding and attaching GPS transmitters to phainopeplas at Afton Canyon near Mojave NP to study their movement in Southern California. We are calling on all SoCal birders to keep an eye out for phainopeplas with four leg bands (two on each leg) - one metal and three brightly colored - to help us determine where they go after breeding in the deserts in early Spring. This will be especially critical in the fall/winter when we attempt to re-capture birds wearing GPS transmitters. You can help solve the mystery of phainopepla migration and dual breeding!

If you see a phainopepla with bands, try and record the colors in the following order: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right. The metal band will always be on the bottom left. Note the date, time, location, and sex of the bird. Even if you can't identify the specific colors, re-sighting a banded bird is a big deal! You might even see one with a little antenna sticking up off its back!

Please send your sightings to Dr. Daniel Baldassarre, Princeton University.
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Twitter: @evornithology