This is the Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert for February 26.

-Birds mentioned

Neotropic Cormorant
Red Phalarope
Short-eared Owl
Spotted Dove
Inca Dove
Common Ground-Dove
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Pacific-slope Flycatcher
Eastern Phoebe
Vermilion Flycatcher
Tropical Kingbird
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Plumbeous Vireo
Pacific Wren
Gray Catbird
Black-and-white Warbler
American Redstart
Clay-colored Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Lazuli Bunting
Scott’s Oriole

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* February 26, 2016
* CALA1602.26


This is the Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert for February 26.

The NEOTROPIC CORMORANT at Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas was seen through February 25. It has most often been near the north side of the lake, most often perched on the red buoys near the north shore boat ramp. If the bird is not here, it’s worth checking other parts of the lake. There is an entry fee on weekends.

A RED PHALAROPE was on Duckbill Lake at the Piute Ponds on Edwards AFB on February 19. A SHORT-EARED OWL was at the ponds on February 25. A letter of permission is required for entry.

Up to three SPOTTED DOVES were in the neighborhood just west of Col. Leon H. Washington Park in Los Angeles through February 21. Three INCA DOVES also continued at the park through February 23.

Up to four COMMON GROUND-DOVES continue along the San Gabriel River at Trabuco Street. They were seen through February 24 south of the nursery (on the west side of the river).

At Veteran’s Park in Sylmar a YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER continued around Frisbee Golf goal #7 through February 23.

An EASTERN PHOEBE and a LAZULI BUNTING continued around the south pond at Madrona Marsh in Torrance. Hours are 10-5 Tuesday through Sunday.

VERMILION FLYCATCHERS continue at Oakdale Memorial Park in Glendora, with two being reported through February 21.

A TROPICAL KINGBIRD continued in Area 3 of El Dorado Park in Long Beach through February 21. It was last seen between the north and south lake.

Another TROPICAL KINGBIRD was found along Freshman Drive at West LA College on February 25.

The SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica was reported through February 23 near the north entrance on 14th Street.

A PLUMBEOUS VIREO was at the Sepulveda Basin in Van Nuys on February 19. It was in the wildlife area along the stream near the south bridge.

Two PACIFIC WRENS were in Big Santa Anita Canyon above Arcadia on February 21. One was near Robert’s Camp and the other was just above Fiddler’s Crossing.

The GRAY CATBIRD continued at Monte Verde Park in Lakewood through February 23. It has been seen both along the path on the west side of Monte Verde Park and also from the San Gabriel River bike path on the opposite side. There is no access to the small park itself. A BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER and a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER both continued in this general area also through February 23.

BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLERS were at the Village Green Condominiums in Los Angeles through February 20 (southwest edge of the central lawn area), at Lindberg Park in Culver City on February 22 (west side, along Ocean Drive and south of the school/meeting buildings) and continuing at Legg Lake in South El Monte through February 25 (around restroom #7).

AN AMERICAN REDSTART continued through February 21 at the San Gabriel Coastal Basin Spreading Grounds in Pico Rivera. It has been in the trees by the extreme northwest corner, just south of Whittier Blvd.

The CLAY-COLORED SPARROW continued at Vina Vieja Park in Pasadena through February 18. Another continued at Oak Park Cemetery in Claremont through February 21.

A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW continued at the west end of Arlington Gardens in Pasadena through February 19.

A male SCOTT’S ORIOLE was at Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas on February 20. It was northeast of the lake around Group Picnic Area #3.

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