10 Top Birding Spots

By Jean Brandt and Glenn Cunningham


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Introduced Birds in L. A.

By Jean Brandt

Published Western Tanager, July-August 1976

To count or not to count, that is the question. One of the first species out-of-town birders ask to see in Los Angeles is the Ringed Turtle Dove, and now that the American Birding Association has "sanctified" the Yellow-headed Parrot, everyone is looking for it as well. So here goes: a list of introduced and established species in and around Los Angeles:

Ballona Wetlands A Success Story!

by Sandy Wohlgemuth

Originally published Western Tanager Vol. 57 No. 6 March 1991

Whatever happened to Ballona Wetlands? It seems like a lifetime ago that we were deeply concerned about the fate of this last remnant of a vast marshland in Playa del Rey. We remember the struggle to wrest a pitiful bit of land from Howard Hughes' Summa Corporation, the formation of the Friends of Ballona Wetlands, and the appearance of National Audubon on the scene.