PDF Booklet, Baldwin Hills Park Lands, The Native Plant & Wildlife Garden, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, 2007

Located in the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area of the Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles Audubon’s Native Plant & Wildlife Garden Education Program combines hands-on experience with instruction in both the classroom and at local wildlife habitat. Students in 3rd-6th grades learn how to use binoculars, navigate with map and compass, and are encouraged to gain observational skills through science illustration and data collection. The program exposes young students from our urban core to the conceptual connections of biodiversity, water quality, and urbanization.

Project Goals:
1) To provide a positive, high-quality, hands-on outdoor learning experience to young, inner-city students, such that they leave the program with a greater awareness of wildlife conservation and a skill set for observing and appreciating plants and wildlife in their own neighborhood.

2) To provide funding for bus transportation - a goal that facilitates long-term commitment, essentially institutionalizing the education program at our partner schools and ensuring that subsequent generations of students participate. Bus funding is currently available on a limited basis, but we're always searching for ways to expand.

3) To promote and foster within students and the local community a sense of environmental stewardship toward the city and its natural habitats.

Los Angeles Audubon is increasing the number of classes we are engaging in this exciting “urban wildlife conservation” program! 

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