Photos courtesy of Robert Jeffers

On August 17th [2013], Los Angeles Audubon hosted a successful event with highly acclaimed street artist Robbie Conal at the Koplin Del Rio Gallery where LAAS Science Illustration students engaged in a lively conversation of art and the environment.

Robbie's new work includes a collection of owl paintings and he shared with the students his motivation, technique and in-depth research that lead him to a greater understanding of owls and their environment. LAAS students showcased their own work including the comic book, Kill Your Lawn, that emphasizes ways to conserve water and create bird-friendly gardens.

Proceeds from the August 17th event will benefit the Science Illustration youth program of Los Angeles Audubon now in its fifth year. This program is lead by Director of Interpretation, Stacey Vigallon, and serves students from under-served communities, who combine art with science in their pursuit of becoming environmental leaders of tomorrow.