Audubon Tejon Docent Training Jan 27 & Feb 24, 2018

Hello Audubon Supporters,

We are happy to announce two orientation/training dates for volunteers with the new Tejon Conservancy birding docent program. Our goal in the first year is to pair up Audubon guides with veteran Tejon docents for birding tours in 2018, and in 2019 for Audubon guides to develop the ability to take a lead on Tejon birding tours, helping set a schedule of visits for their chapters with the Conservancy.

This program has been considered for several years, and we are eager to see its implementation. Please share this with your interested guides and leaders. Upon completion of training, each Audubon chapter will work directly with the Conservancy (staff and docents) on setting a tour schedule for their chapters. The Conservancy suggests each chapter commit to a minimum of two or three tours per year (an individual within a chapter does not have a standalone minimum); however, the more a chapter is able to participate in the program, the greater the number of tours in a diverse swath of locations.

The one-day training will involve driving skills, field safety, logistics, regulations, and site visits to prime birding locations. The responsibility of being a docent requires a strong commitment to representing the Conservancy in a professional manner. It also requires enthusiasm for local resources as well as stamina to lead tours for a full day, including assuming responsibility for the wellness of the tour group. Minimum age requirement is 18, and participants must have enough mobility to lead tours on terrain that is sometimes uneven. Chapters may decide to “pair up” volunteers based on skill; one for driving, one to guide; we are able to work with you based on your resources, knowing that ultimately you know what’s best for your chapter’s tours.

This being a pilot year for the program, there will be considerations that arise. All questions are welcome. We look forward to working with your chapters starting this winter. Interested participants are encouraged to direct questions/register with me at this email. While the initial training is a one-day orientation (or if you’re eager to see both sides of the Ranch, you are welcome to register for both dates), the volunteer position is also an opportunity for interested guides to receive “on the job” training as a potential lead docent for future seasons of Tejon Conservancy tours.

Thank you for your interest,

Chris Fabbro
Public Access Manager
Tejon Ranch Conservancy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.