INSIDE Vol. 77 No. 1 Sept/Oct 2010

"Understanding Bird Vocalizations Through Audio Spectrograms", by Tom Stephenson, [PDF]

CONSERVATION CONVERSATION: A Report on Conservation Efforts by Los Angeles Audubon, by Garry George

INTERPRETING NATURE, Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Internship Program Student Reports (June 5, 2010), By Stacey Vigallon

ANNOUNCEMENT, Travis Longcore is new Los Angeles Audubon President, Effective July 1, 2010

BIRDS OF THE SEASON: May–early July 2010, By Jon Fisher (All too quickly, the third of the year that encompasses...)

MEMORIUM: On the Loss of our Good Friend, Michael San Miguel, 1939–2010, by Kimball Garrett—Scientific Advisor Los Angeles Audubon

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introduction to Bird Watching Class, with instructor, Eleanor Osgood

Bird Walks, Field Trips, Pelagic Trips, International Travel


September 8, 2010–Tom Stephenson Presents "“How Understanding Sonograms Can Help You Learn Bird Vocalizations”

Wednesday, October 13, 2010–Scott Thomas and Pete Bloom present “The Swainson’s Hawk Migration in Southern California”

Vol. 77 No. 1 Sept-Oct 2010 (PDF)