Western Tanager, Volume 78 Number 5, May/June 2012 [PDF]

Inside this issue . . . 

The 2012 Conservation Art Show, by Stacey Vigallon


Conservation Conversation, by Garry George

Birds of the Season, by Jon Fisher

Announcement: Annual Members Meeting, May 19, 2012

The 2012 Ralph W. Schreiber Ornithology Research Award, Recipient Luke Klicka

Field Trips, by Nick Freeman

Bird Walks, by Eleanor Osgood

Announcement: No LAAS sponsored Pelagic Trips in 2012

Program Presentation May 2012: Bewick's Wren: Adventures in Song

Program Presentation, June 2012: Photo Night at Debs Park - Share your photos!

Announcement: Public Lecture on May 22, 2012, Topic: Closure dynamics of southern California estuaries and implications for restoration.