By Carol Babeli, LAAS Development Director

13MAWT rainbow-Venice-Beach-by-carol-babeli

Rainbow at Venice Beach, Credit Carol Babeli

As I write this, I am watching the activity in my backyard - the hermit thrush rustling through the leaf clutter, the hummingbirds diving in arcs across the sky, the monarch butterfly that just emerged from its chrysalis yesterday!  Earth Day for me is about taking that extra moment every day to stop and look closely at what nature is doing all around me, it's my de-stress button.  I think of my childhood and how spending time outdoors was a huge part of my day.  But that's not the case for many of todays young people who face so many distractions and challenges.  Finding ways to get young people outdoors and sparking a sense of excitement and respect for wild things is a goal of Los Angeles Audubon.  I hope its a goal for all of us.  Share your love of nature with friends, family and the young folks in your life by enjoying Earth Day everyday by pointing out something awesome that each day holds.

Published Western Tanager Vol. 79 No. 4 Mar/Apr 2013