4th of July Long Weekend Giant Sequoia National Monument, Tulare County Owling Trip


Nick and Mary Freeman are planning another southern Sierra Nevada long weekend of owling during the July 4th weekend in 2015, Friday July 3 to Monday July 6.

DSC00376 WEB

Each night is planned for a dedicated species of owl consistently found in these forests. We will be under majestic Giant Sequoias. One night we will visit a remote mountain road where we have had the opportunity of finding many Spotted Owls. Flammulated Owls seem to be found regularly during our forays into the night. We have a chance of experiencing chocolate teddy bears - juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owl. Last year’s trip, added to this mix was a Northern Pygmy Owl!

DSC00321 WEB

The leaders will procure a rental cabin, and for the second time we will rent a cabin in Ponderosa, north and west of Kernville. From here birders can even take walks around this forest hamlet in search of montane bird species. Pileated Woodpecker was found down the street from the cabin last year!IMG 1033 WEB

Added to this adventure is the camaraderie of the group. Dinners consist of an LAAS-arranged weenie roast, an organized potluck, and a final night eating tasty left-overs or eating in “town”. There is a lot of fun as we talk during meals about the owls found at night and other birds found during our daytime trips.

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Be on the lookout for details on signing up in upcoming LAAS newsletters and homepage editions. Nick and Mary are so thrilled to do this trip that they pay full fare to make it happen, and to bring it to you at the lowest price possible!

Published Western Tanager Vol. 81 No. 3 Jan/Feb 2015