Sphinx-Moth-Cartepillar-0003-copyWhite-lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillars, Photo by Tjie Poo

Wow, what a weekend—we did and saw so much!

82 bird species at least, and that does not include the Golden Eagle that Irene saw on the way home, plus the Scott's Oriole at my cabin Sunday afternoon (and another Bighorn sheep sighting on Hwy. 74 by Maureen and Irene) …

See the following list of birds and wildlife seen on the Los Angeles Audubon field trip to the Anza-Borrego State Park on March 21 & 22, 2015. A quality list of birds for sure!

Our thanks to the participants who submitted these stunning photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Happy Birding!
Kurt Leuschner

Birds and Other Wildlife seen,
March 20-22, 2015 LAAS Anza-Borrego State Park Field Trip

82 Bird Species

American White Pelican – LH
Gadwall – Borrego Sewage Pond (4)
Mallard – Club Circle Resort
American Wigeon – Club Circle Resort
Wild Turkey – Julian
Western Grebe – Lake Henshaw, many
Double-crested Cormorant – Lake Henshaw (1)
Great Blue Heron – Lake Henshaw (2)
Black-crowned Night-Heron – Club Circle Resort
Turkey Vulture – BS, LH
White-tailed Kite – seen outside of Julian along highway (1)
Bald Eagle – LH
Red-shouldered Hawk – Julian (heard)
Red-tailed Hawk – Sentenac Canyon Birding Trail
Swainson’s Hawk – BS (Hundreds!)
American Kestrel – Julian, BS
Gambel’s Quail – BS
California Quail – Heard at Sentenac
American Coot – CCR, LH
Killdeer – Borrego Sewage Pond
Bonaparte’s Gull – LH (small flock)
Band-tailed Pigeon – Barrel Spring, Ranchita (many)
White-winged Dove – BS
Common Ground-Dove – CCR (1)
Mourning Dove – BS
Eurasian Collared-Dove – BS
Greater Roadrunner – BS
Great Horned Owl – BS heard
Common Poorwill – Indian Head (BS) – two seen Friday night
White-throated Swift – one seen Tamarisk Grove
Costa’s Hummingbird – BS
Lewis’s Woodpecker – Ranchita
Acorn Woodpecker – Julian
Ladder-backed Woodpecker – TG
Northern Flicker – Julian
Black Phoebe – BS
Say’s Phoebe – BS
Western Kingbird – TG
Loggerhead Shrike – BS
(Least) Bell’s Vireo – two heard near Scissors Crossing
Western Scrub-Jay – Julian, Barrel Spring
Common Raven – BS
American Crow – Julian
Horned Lark – Old Springs Road
Violet-green Swallow – LH
Northern Rough-winged Swallow – CCR (3)
Oak Titmouse – Wynola Rd, Julian (heard)
Mountain Chickadee – Wynola Rd, Julian (heard)
Verdin – BS
Bushtit – SCBT
Bewick’s Wren – TG
Cactus Wren – TG
House Wren– one heard near Scissor’s Crossing
Rock Wren – Surprise Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher – TG heard
Western Bluebird – Julian
Northern Mockingbird – BS
Sage Thrasher – Old Springs Rd.
European Starling – BS
Phainopepla – TG, BS
Yellow-rumped Warbler – TG
Wilson’s Warbler – Borrego Sewage
Common Yellowthroat – Borrego Sewage
California Towhee – Julian
Black-throated Sparrow – Surprise Canyon (heard)
Savannah Sparrow – one at Borrego Sewage Pond
Rufous-crowned Sparrow – one heard LH
Chipping Sparrow – heard at LH
Brewer’s Sparrow – many singing Old Springs Rd.
White-crowned Sparrow – TG
Dark-eyed Junco – Julian
Western Meadowlark – LH
Red-winged Blackbird – CCR, Julian
Great-tailed Grackle – BS
Brewer’s Blackbird – CCR
Brown-headed Cowbird – CCR
Hooded Oriole – one male CCR
Bullock’s Oriole – two males, LH
House Finch – BS
Lesser Goldfinch – TG etc …
Pine Siskin – Julian
House Sparrow – BS

Some butterflies:

Becker’s White
Painted Lady
Western Pygmy Blue
Sleepy Orange
Cloudless Sulphur
Tiny Checkerspot
Funereal Duskywing

Some mammals:

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep – seen Friday on Montezuma Grade
Black-tailed Hare


Darkling Beetles
Spider Beetles
Sidewinder tracks
White-lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillars

Some Wildflowers:

Scarlet Bugler
Cryptantha or Forget-me-Not
Checker Fiddleneck
California Primrose
California Evening Primrose
Dune Primrose
Ceanothus blooming
Wild Heliotrope
Fremont or Desert Pincushion
Milkvetch or Locoweed
Bajada Lupine
Bigelow Monkeyflower (one)
Desert Marigold
Dune Sunflower
Desert Sunflower
Desert Chicory
Lax Flower
Whispering Bells
White Sage
Sand Verbena


Desert-Flower-0002-cropDesert Flower, Photo by Tjie Poo
Cactus-Flower-0001-copyCactus Flower, Photo by Tjie Poo
Cactus-Flower-0002-copyCactus Flower, Photo by Tjie Poo
Group-Photo-by-Jenny-Cole IMG 2445Anza-Borrego Birding Group, Photo by Jenny Cole
American-Wigeon-by-tony-bianchiAmerican Wigeon, Photo by Tony Bianchi
Swainsons-Hawk-0001 cropSwainson’s Hawk, By Tjie Poo
Brewers-Sparrow-0001-copyBrewers-Sparrow-0002-XL-copyBrewer's Sparrow, Photo by Tjie Poo
California-Towhee-0001California Towhee, Photo by Tjie Poo

Published Western Tanager Vol. 81 No. 5 May/June 2015