ON THE COVER: Tejon Ranch Landscape Fields of Gold

Photo: Jason Koenig Photography

This is a view of the hills shrouded in clouds as we travel west to Big Sycamore Canyon, from the 300 Street gate.


Jason Koenig is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in landscape, wildlife, portraiture and street photography. His education in biology and psychology, interest in animal behavior and love of the outdoors have all shaped and influenced his work.

Speaking about his photography Jason says, “As far back as I can remember, the camera has always been apart of my life. As a kid I marveled at how such a seemingly innocuous black box could contain so much magic. Those images my parents had our family pose for and that we later saw as prints existed somewhere inside of that mystery box. For me, it was like a friend I hadn’t really gotten to know yet; that had always been around from my birth to my graduation, never missing a special occasion. A friend that didn’t ask anything of me, was always giving, and who would one day open up boundless worlds. All I had to do was simply give it a little attention.

When a bum shoulder forced me out of the daily grind to have shoulder surgery, I realized how completely I’d allowed myself to be swallowed up by my job. I wasn’t pursuing any of my passions; and for that matter, I didn’t even really know what they were. But my faithful and silent friend did and was right there waiting for me; so I grabbed my parent’s old Minolta, bought some film and hit the road for Point Reyes.

Most of the rolls I shot that day, I would never see. Let’s just say, not knowing much about cameras, I had some difficulties unloading the film. But I left the last roll I’d shot in the camera plus I had the images I’d photographed with a digital model back when they were the new kids on the block; to this day, one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken was with that antiquated little digital.

As much as I was bummed about exposing the film, that’s not what was important about that day. It was more than just firing off some pictures. What was important was vowing to never let anything take away my passion; about actually having the experience of taking a photograph, the ”experience of photography”. From that day forward, I’ve sought to live that experience to the fullest, to hone and develop my craft; to strive to photograph the next great image. If I can share photography that moves someone and if a hint of that magic can shine through my work, then I’m one step closer to doing justice to the awesome and profound experience of not only photography but life!”

Jason Koenig can be contacted via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he can be followed on Instagram at jason_koenig_photography and jason_koenig_peoplephotography .