Your Breeding Bird Atlas Arriving Soon!

The Los Angeles County Breeding Bird Atlas, to which many Los Angeles Audubon members have contributed much time, many breeding bird sightings, and considerable financial support, is ready for the press.

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This 660-page hardcover compendium addresses the 228 species found with evidence of breeding during the 1995–1999 Atlas survey period plus 18 additional historical, island-breeding, and post-Atlas breeding species. Our Atlas findings are based on over 28,000 records provided by over 300 volunteer observers contributing more than 10,000 hours of field effort.

The authors have supplemented this information by consulting extensive ornithological and paleontological literature, data from over 5600 egg-set records, and trend data from eight county BBS routes and eight county CBC circles in the attempt to provide as comprehensive a picture of our county’s breeding avifauna as possible.

The typical species account includes maps of distribution and abundance; a county-wide abundance estimate; details of habitats, nesting sites, and nesting chronology; the historical distribution where known; population trend estimates where data warrants; and county fossil records, if any. Many of these subjects are informed by historical county records and data from elsewhere in the range.

Of particular interest to birders may be suggestions on where to view the species in the county as well as information on seasonality and migration timing. Also included are paragraphs addressing the subspecies present here and conservation notes and threat assessments. Appendices include a list of all species recorded in the county as of spring 2015 and a list of Los Angeles County Sensitive Bird Species.

The Atlas introductory material includes a discussion of the county’s geology, climate, habitats, and fire ecology; information on human impacts from pre-European contact until the present; the history of avian studies in the county; and a delightful essay on Pleistocene avifauna by Dr. Daniel A. Guthrie. The Foreword to the Atlas was written by Michael C. Long.

The Atlas was authored by Larry W. Allen and Kimball L. Garrett with maps by Mark C. Wimer. Jonathan Feenstra and Dexter Kelly furnished additional text and Ryan J. Harrigan furnished additional maps. The Atlas volume itself will be hardcover with sewn binding and printed on archival paper.

The Los Angeles County Breeding Bird Atlas is a project of Los Angeles Audubon Society in cooperation with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and other county Audubon chapters. It is published by Los Angeles Audubon Society. 

Order now! The low list price of $49.95 is in part made possible by your donations. In addition, a 20% pre-publication discount price of $39.96 (plus tax and shipping/handling) is available if you order by 15 July 2016. Ordering details are at or call 323-876-0202.