By Kurt Leuschner, LAAS Member and Field Trip Leader | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

76 bird species

LH = Lake Henshaw
TG – Tamarisk Grove
YQ Yaqui well
CCR Club Circle Resort
BSR Borrego Springs Resort

American White Pelican – LH
Mallard – CCR
American Wigeon – CCR
Northern Shoveler – LH
Cinnamon Teal – pair – BSR
Wild Turkey – Julian area
Clark’s Grebe –LH
Great Blue Heron – LH two
Turkey Vulture – BS, LH
Osprey – BSR, Friday
Bald Eagle – LH 1 adult
Cooper’s Hawk – near Scissors Crossing
Red-tailed Hawk – Sentenac Canyon Birding Trail
Swainson’s Hawk – Henderson Canyon Rd 500+ Sunday morning. Note: (Saturday morning they set a record with other 3,700 lifting off)
American Kestrel – Julian
American Coot – CCR, LH
Sora – 3 at Borrego Sewage Pond, 1 CCR
Killdeer – Borrego Sewage Pond
Ring-billed Gull – LH
Band-tailed Pigeon – heard only, Julian
White-winged Dove – BS
Common Ground-Dove – CCR, one
Mourning Dove – BS
Eurasian Collared-Dove – BS
Rock Pigeon – BS
Greater Roadrunner – BSR
Great Horned Owl – CCR on nest with two young
Costa’s Hummingbird – BS
Anna’s Hummingbird – TG
Acorn Woodpecker – Julian
Ladder-backed Woodpecker – TG
Nuttall’s Woodpecker – Scissors Crossing
Northern Flicker – Julian – heard only
Say’s Phoebe – BS
Western Kingbird – TG
Cassin’s Kingbird – Scissor’s Crossing
Steller’s Jay – Julian
California Scrub-Jay – Julian, Scissors Crossing
Common Raven – BS
American Crow – Julian
Violet-green Swallow – LH
Oak Titmouse – Wynola Rd, Julian (heard)
Mountain Chickadee – Julian
Verdin – BS
Bewick’s Wren – TG
House Wren- one heard near Scissor’s Crossing
Rock Wren – Henderson Canyon Rd.
Ruby-crowned Kinglet – Julian
Wrentit – Julian (heard)
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher – TG
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher – heard only, near Scissors Crossing
Western Bluebird – Julian
Northern Mockingbird – BS
California Thrasher – YW
European Starling – BS
Phainopepla – TG, BS
Yellow-rumped Warbler – Julian
Orange-crowned Warbler - TG
Spotted Towhee - Julian
California Towhee – Julian
Lincoln’s Sparrow – Borrego Sewage Pond
Song Sparrow – Sentenac Canyon Birding Trail
White-crowned Sparrow – TG
Dark-eyed Junco – Julian
Black-headed Grosbeak – Julian
Western Meadowlark – LH
Red-winged Blackbird – CCR, Julian
Tricolored Blackbird – from car near LH
Great-tailed Grackle – BS
Brewer’s Blackbird – CCR
Bullock’s Oriole – near Scissors Crossing
Scott’s Oriole – YQ
House Finch – BS
Lesser Goldfinch – TG etc.
Lawrence’s Goldfinch – Heard at TG
House Sparrow – BS

Some butterflies:
Becker’s White
Painted Lady
Sleepy Orange
Sara Orangetip

Some mammals:
Peninsular Bighorn Sheep – 8 ewes and 2 lambs – Yaqui Pass
Badger (hole)
Desert Tortoise (hole)
Mule Deer

Reptiles and Insects:
Banded Gecko
Side-blotched Lizard
Great Basin Whiptail
Fringe-toed Lizard
Spider Beetle
White-lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillars

Some Wildflowers:
Cryptantha or Forget-me-Not
Checker Fiddleneck
California Primrose
Dune Primrose
Ceanothus blooming
Bush Poppy
Wild Heliotrope
Fremont or Desert Pincushion
Dune Sunflower
Desert Sunflower
Desert Dandelion
Desert Chicory
Whispering Bells
White Sage
Sand Verbena
Desert Lily
Sand Blazing Star

Lots more!