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Great Blue Herons resting, Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, Photo By Jonathan Coffin

What’s to Become of the Ballona Wetlands?

By David DeLange, PhD, Vice President – Los Angeles Audubon

Great Blue Herons at Ballona | by Jonathan Coffin

The long-overdue Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Ballona Wetlands, located just south of Marina del Rey, was released last month. The report presents some of the ways that these wetlands could be altered and analyzes impacts for each alternative studied. At stake is whether and to what extent the Ballona Wetlands' surviving 600 acres will be restored to a state of greater health or instead undergo creation into something new via removal and replacement of most of its existing habitat.
LAAS's seven member Board unanimously favors habitat restoration over habitat creation. The Board is actively studying ways in which we can support and gain governmental approval of an environmentally sound restoration plan. The well-being of a wide range of bird species who use Ballona for roosting, refueling and nesting will be significantly affected by the outcome of this environmental review process.

We encourage all our members to read the DEIR found at this website of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project.