Los Angeles Audubon is currently involved in many conservation and restoration priorities in Los Angeles County.  We protect birds and their habitat through citizen science volunteers to monitor and protect, through public education and docent programs, policy and planning advocacy, and litigation when necessary.  Following are some of our conservation efforts.  We welcome your support and involvement. For more information on LAAS projects, or to express your environmental concerns and please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Los Angeles Audubon has issued the Guide to Bird-Friendly Tree and Shrub Trimming after recognizing the significant threat to nesting birds posed by the annual spring and summer tree trimming conducted by the City of Los Angeles, other cities within Los Angeles County, homeowners, and businesses. We want to save as many nesting birds during the breeding season as we possibly can, to ensure that Los Angeles does not contribute to the declines in bird species.


Threatened Western Snowy Plover Project

Thanks to grants from Audubon California and California Department of Fish & Game, and in partnership with Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society, South Bay/Palos Verdes Audubon Society, Ryan Ecological Consulting, and Plegadis LLC, volunteers have been surveying Los Angeles County beaches since 2007, gathering data on wintering plovers and that might attempt to breed in the spring. For more about the Western Snowy Plover go to: http://www.westernsnowyplover.org/ , and  The Western Snowy Plover in Los Angeles County (pdf format, 22MB)

Endangered California Least Tern Project

Los Angeles Audubon works with project biologists studying the tern colony in Venice and the California Department of Fish & Game, coordinating a community-based science monitoring program during the nesting season. This project also provides the general public with opportunities to participate in habitat restoration prior to the birds’ return in April.

[PDF] Breeding Biology of the California Least Tern at Venice Beach, 2009 Breeding Season

[PDF] Venice beach Least Tern Colony Habitat Improvement and Restoration Study, 2006-2009


Go Native to Attract Birds

Kenneth Hahn Native Plant Garden

Leo Politi Elementary School Garden and Education Program

Baldwin Hills Education Program



Los Angeles Audubon supports renewable energy provided that decisions about the placement and operation of the infrastructure are based on sound science to substantially limit adverse impacts on birds, wildlife and their habitat.  

[PDF] California Energy Commission Guidelines for Reducing Impacts to Birds and Bats from Wind Energy Developement  

PDF] LA Audubon's Comments Lompoc Wind Project, Santa Barbara County