Conservation and Restoration

The Western Snowy Plover is a Federally Threatened species found on Los Angeles County beaches. They are small, sand-colored birds that sit in foot prints and tire tracks along the wrackline and mid-beach areas. Relying on camouflage to evade predators, they usually go unnoticed by beachgoers and beach drivers.

We've developed a brief, two-sided info sheet for beach drivers that provides information and maps about where plovers occur on Los Angeles County beaches. It can be accessed by clicking here.

Zuma, Malibu Lagoon, Santa Monica, Dockweiler, and Hermosa Beach host the largest flocks of Western Snowy Plovers in Los Angeles county. Snowy Plovers are typically found agggregated in loose flocks, and they tend to use the same beaches year to year for their traditional roost sites. Protective enclosures for the species can be found at Malibu Lagoon (seasonally), Santa Monica, and Dockweiler North (LG Tower 47). Below, please find maps from our 2012 annual report depicting plover roost sites:

Zuma Beach North

Malibu Lagoon

Santa Monica North

Dockweiler Beach North

Dockweiler Beach South

Hermosa Beach North

Click to access the most recent report about plovers in both LA and Orange counties: The Western Snowy Plover in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California: September 2014 to February 2017.

The maps below depict all recorded Snowy Plover observations in Los Angeles County from 2007-2009. Please click on a beach below to access a map in PDF format:

Leo Carillo/Nicholas Canyon Beach 

Zuma North

Zuma South

Dume Cove/ Paradise Cove/ Escondido Beach 

Dan Blocker/ Puerco Beach 

Malibu Lagoon

Will Rogers State Beach North 

Will Rogers State Beach South

Santa Monica North

Venice Beach North

Venice Beach South 

Dockweiler North

Dockweiler Central

Dockweiler South

El Segundo/Manhattan

Hermosa North

Hermosa South