Baldwin Hills Restoration Leadership Program

Through the Los Angeles Audubon Restoration Leadership Program, Dorsey High School students from the urban core receive hands-on training in habitat restoration at the new Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park and Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. Students start their commitment to this program with a four-day “Restoration Boot Camp” during the summer. Boot Camp provides the basics in native versus non-native plants, habitats, biodiversity, conservation, hands-on restoration activities, and the development of curriculum for elementary school students.


Upon completing Restoration Boot Camp, Restoration Leaders are PAID to help coordinate and conduct six community restoration events over the course of the school year. Students engage in community outreach recruiting siblings, peers, and parents to attend restoration events and participate in environmental stewardship in their own backyard. In addition, they develop and implement environmental curricula to California State Education Standards for elementary school students, mentoring younger students during events throughout the school year.


Our goal is to engage inner-city youth in the conservation and restoration Coastal Sage Scrub in the Baldwin Hills, a plant community unique to Southern California now reduced to only a fraction of its past distribution due to urbanization, and thereby provide opportunities that allow students to have a direct role as stewards of their environment as an immediate and effective way to combine habitat conservation and environmental education.

With the assistance of a TogetherGreen Volunteer Days and Innovation grants, we are able to pay our Restoration Leaders for their work in this program. As a result, we are investing in and training youth from a highly impacted inner-city school to serve as hands-on habitat restorers, volunteer leaders, and mentors to young students. And, we are demonstrating that their thoughts and efforts are worth a direct monetary investment.
Join this exciting program by volunteering to work along side our Restoration Leaders at a community event or, make a donation to ensure that this valuable program will continue! Contact Stacey Vigallon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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