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Tricolored Blackbird Winter Survey, Nov. 17-20, 2017

 A joint effort of Audubon California and Cornell Lab of Ornithology (eBird), the winter Tricolored Blackbird survey will expand our knowledge of winter distribution of the species. Most Tricolored Blackbird survey data is collected in the spring when the birds gather in colonies for breeding throughout the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley, Sierra Foothills, Central Coast, and Southern California. This winter pilot survey will fill in important gaps about Tricolored Blackbird distribution outside of the breeding season. With Tricolored Blackbirds proposed for listing under state and federal Endangered Species Acts, data about distribution and potential threats is critical.
Bird throughout California November 17th – 20th and count blackbird species.

How to Participate in the winter Tricolored Blackbird survey: For complete details on how to participate, please visit the following website.