Los Angeles Audubon has issued this Guide to Bird-Friendly Tree and Shrub Trimming after recognizing the significant threat to nesting birds posed by the annual spring and summer tree trimming conducted by the City of Los Angeles, other cities within Los Angeles County, homeowners, and businesses. We want to save as many nesting birds during the breeding season as we possibly can, to ensure that Los Angeles does not contribute to the declines in bird species.


Los Angeles County has more than 350 species of birds that live, nest, or pass through during annual migrations, and there are more than 120 species that live here year-round. Maintaining adequate greenspace for birds in cities can help adaptable urban birds as well as migrants stopping over during their long journeys. Birds are a priceless part of America’s heritage. They are beautiful, they are economically important, and they are a bellwether of the health of our environment.

There are local, state, and federal laws that protect birds from harassment, killing, nest and egg destruction, capture, possession, and trade.

Important Phone Numbers:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (888) 334-2258, For nesting surveys: (858) 467-4201

Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation (213) 738-2961

Los Angeles Urban Forestry Division - Emergency 311

California Coastal Commission (562) 590-5223

Tree Trimming Guidelines - English [PDF], May 2011, Read Online

Tree Trimming Guidelines - English [PDF], May 2011, Print and Collate your own Booklet (This printable version takes 3 sheets paper, 8.5x11, printed front to back.)

Tree Trimming Guidelines - Spanish [PDF], March 2009

Tree Trimming Guidelines - Spanish [PDF], Quick Reference (Coming soon)